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C Programming Language? and What is its Function,? History, Structure BCA

Today in this post I will tell you about the C Programming Language What is the C Programming Language? and what is its function?, if we talk about today's generation, today everyone wants to Become something like someone wants to be an engineer, a hardware engineer or a software engineer, today we are going to Tell you a about software engineer (C Programming). So let's start the C Program.
C Programming Language; C Program; History of C; Denies Richies

C Programming Language

C is a Middle Level Programming Language. This is a Structure Oriented Programming Language, By the way this language is simple as High Level Language and also supports the features of Low Level Language. It is used to create Computer Application Software and System Software. Initially, this language was used to do programming in the Unix Operating System. It is also called Procedural Oriented Programming Language. This Language can both develop computer application software and operating system software. So this is a trickle and proficient programming language. Having the ability to create both types of software, Mean C is also called General Purpose Programming Language.
It is very easy to write a program. Develop a Mathematical, Scientific, Business and System Software using C. The features of the C language are further explained in this article, which is important to understand.

History of C Programming Language

In the 1970's, every language was developed for some special purpose. Like a language is FORTRAN, which was used to create a scientific and mathematical application, in this way COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) was used to create a business software. But at that time it was difficult to get rid of all Problems Solution from FORTRAN and COBOL. This was the time when someone thought about making C for the first time, whose name is Dennis Ritchie.

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Dennis Ritchie (Father of C)

Dennis Ritchie started developing this language in Bell's Laboratory in the late 1970's. Slowly, it was fully developed in Bells Laboratory until 1972. Unix was created to do programming in the operating system. But with the help of c, the complete UNIX operating system was rebuilt. UNIX is entirely made up of C language. C compiler is also written in c. C Programming Language is derived from B language. Which was made by KEN Thompson at AT & T Laboratories B has been adapted from the Basic Combined Programming Language, which is the name of the inventor, from Martin Richard Cambridge University. In 1978, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan published the Mill's "The C Programming Language".
In 1982, a community was created by the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) to personalize the C language. In 1989, c was standardized, named "ANSI C".

Characteristics of C Language

Characteristics In spite of having this old language, too many compilers have been developed from this language. Operating system is used to programmed. So let's know about its Characteristics.

  • This is a Middle Level Language.
  • It has high and low level language features.
  • This is a General Purpose Programming Language.
  • It has 32 English Words that are called Keyword (Keyword: if-else, For, Break). Because of the Library Function, you can easily develop bigger programs than this.
  • Programmer can also create a Function according to its own.
  • C Program follows a Control Structure, that is why it is called Structure Programming Language. Program Structure such as Selection (if ... else), Repetition (While, For.....Do) and For Loop
  • All programs written in C are portable.
  • This is a System Independent Language, which means that those written in Program C can run in all the computers.
  • This language is simple and easy because the programmer is easily understood in English.

C Programming Creation

There are lots of Functions in every C program, every Function has many Statements. The function performs some specific task. The General Structure of the bottom c program is given.

Program Creation

The C program is first written in a software. The process that the program Creation speaks. To write this, different versions of Turbo C you can download from net like Turbo 3.0, Turbo C 4.0 Turbo C 4.5. You can download this link from. To write the program, you will have to learn the Basics of C for this.

Program Compilation

It is very important to compile the program after writing it. Understand the meaning of compilation? You will know this which we write in the program, in High Level Language or in the middle level language. Computer does not understand the language, computer understands only the low level or which is also called Machine level Language. That is why the C program has any error in the code via Compiler or it is tested and the program is translated into Machine Language. (Machine Language Mean 0 and 1, Binary Code)
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Program Execution

Now you have to write the program and also compile, just have to run the code. You can see Input and Output only after running

Structure of 'C' Programming

Documentation Section
Link Section
Definition Section
Global Declaration Section
Main() Function Section
   Declaration Part
   Executable Part
Sub Program Section
   Function 1
   Function 2
  . . . .
   Function n

Documentation Section

In this part of the program, we write some points related to the program as a comment, so that the program is created for what reason and what the program is special about to be told. This documentation is very useful for understanding and maintaining the flow of the program.

Link Section

Here we declare the header files of the "C" program, which are required in our program. Since the C language is a Functional Programming Language, we have to use different types of Library Functions to meet different types of needs and these Library Functions are provided as Header files as well as C Compiler. In order to use it in our program, the respective Header File is specified in the link section of the C Program with the "#include" Statement.

Global Declaration Section

Constants defined here are commonly defined with the "#include" Statement, which are also called Global constants, because these constants can be used anytime and anywhere during the entire program. Like the Global Constants, we declare them in this section, the variables that we have to use in a global way throughout the program.

main () Function Section

This function is in every "C" program. While compiling, Program Control uses the main function first and starts the execution of this function. There is only one main function in every "C" program, and it is necessary to every "C" program, because the Execution of the program starts with the main function.(Like . int main();, void main().)

Opening Parenthesis ({)

After getting the Function, the execution of the program starts with this middle bracket. That is, Opening Parenthesis only represents the introduction of any User Defined Function.

Declaration Part

All the variables, constants, arrays, etc. that are used in the program have to be disclosed here. For those of us who declare, "C" program makes room in memory at the time of execution, which is later used as per their requirement.
The variables and constants that we declare here are only useful and accessible for the Current Function. These identifiers can not be accessed outside the body of the Function i.e. Opening and Closing Curly Braces, because the body of the Function is the scope of these identifiers, and with the Closing Parenthesis of the Function, the life time or visibility of these identifiers is eliminated. is.
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Executable Part

Here are all the statements of the program, through which we want to get results from the program. This is the part from which the work of Interface for the user starts. Normally, from the Declaration Part of the Function, the function of Closing Curly Brace of Function is known as the Executable Part.

Closing Parenthesis (})

In the program, there is the use of the second median bracket, where the program or Function is to be finished.
     Sub-Program Section
     Function 1;
     Function 2;
     Function n;
There are user define functions in this part of the program. In a main () program the main () Function is same, but according to the User Defined Function requirement, there may be many. These are Functions that are not Exist in any Header File, but the Programmer defines them as per their own needs and these functions are limited to the Scope of the Current Program only. If these Functions are to be used in any other application program, they either have to copy-paste or after embedding them as a Header File, by inserting that Header File into the new application, to In User Defined Functions Can be used again.

Last Word

I think you might have got enough information about C Programming Language. So, now you are able to make a program with the help of C Programming. In this article you have understood all the points related to programming. In fact, this article might be helpful for you and if you understand this information easily and if  you really like this article so don't escape without share to friends and don't escape without leave your thoughts on this article with the help of comment box.

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